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To say that biodiversity is threatened is obvious and nothing new.
 What is a little less known is the growing difficulty of cohabitation between man and animal.


Urban pressure and agro-industry that reduce wilderness and mass tourism make this cohabitation more and more complicated.
 For the last three years, I have been working on photojournalism to testify to different forms of human / animal relationships. I visited 14 countries to meet more than twenty species best illustrating the existing interactions.


The result of this long work will be officially presented on November 20, 2018 in the Principality of Monaco, through a photo exhibition and a book.
I found on the ground that unfortunately the cohabitation between man and animal is most often a source of conflict and too rarely symbiosis or osmosis.
During these three years, I met exceptional people, whether scientists, biologists or simply local actors. They are all passionate about the preservation of the emblematic species of their country, mostly in a critical situation.


Their commitment is total, sincere and devoid of financial interests. However, their means are limited because they are too little supported by their government and depend on relatively modest private initiatives.
In the light of this and in the continuity of my work, I decided to create the association "Live Together", based in the Principality of Monaco, whose main mission will be to help financially or materially support the people acting on the ground so that the coexistence between man and animal is as harmonious as possible.
I imagine this association as the gathering of people involved and active on the project and whose feedback of experiences in the field in the form of photos, videos or reports will enrich the evidence available.


This knowledge base will make it possible to publish certain subjects in the form of books or others and thus to collect financing.
To get started, the active members of the association will pay an entrance fee and a membership fee to support the people and projects I have already met, with recognized integrity and usefulness.
Members should also be keen to find new sponsors whose contributions will go further in the funding available.
The success of the association and its ambitious mission will also go through the youngest generations.


They can, by means of their permanent connection to social networks and their dynamism, bring the light and the necessary testimony to the general public on the difficulties of cohabitation between man and animal. I invite future active members to make the youngest ones aware so that they join us and give us their support.
Finally, to continue the action undertaken three years ago, I plan to make a 52-minute documentary on previously encountered species or new ones.


TV broadcasting will reach an even wider audience and I hope to positively change the coexistence between man and animal.
Join Live Together and get together!






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